Sing Along

On December 14, 2021, some students of 1st ESO of the INS La Serra of Mollerussa did an activity called Sing Along

Fet per: Erik Piera, Carla Jovells and Adara Gonzàlez de 1r ESO E

Sing Along is a concert to have a great time with your friends while singing.

Also, it helps students learn the English language and lose their shame.

The teachers put all the chairs for the students and four microphones, one for the singer and guitarist, another one for the other singer and four for the students.

Also, the teachers put a digital board. They gave us a paper with a list of ninety songs. Eight students could go to the four microphones when they chose a song and they song the song what they liked.

The price of the concert was worthy as we had a very good time and we enjoyed a lot.

We were really surprised about the activity and we recommend it.

Redactor junior